Connect with Voters Using Intelligent Maps on the Meradesh Platform

An interactive, intuitive, and intelligent feature that helps you understand your community and create a successful leadership strategy. 

The Meradesh Platform provides a clearly marked, and properly defined assembly constituency for you to create a campaign that is accurate and competently managed.

Download the Merdesh Platform from the app store. 

Search for your assembly constituency and build a clear plan. 

Image of Ajnala Constituency 
                                                                                                                                 Image of Ajnala Constituency

Alongside your plans as per your own understanding of various streets, neighborhoods, and markets, you can also select specific points of contact to find various voters cohorts. These cohorts were identified by Meradesh’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm – built by our team of experienced data scientists.

Image of Ajnala Constituency with Middle Class Voters points 
                                                                                                 Image of Ajnala Constituency with Middle Class Voters points

Your team will execute the mandate as set by you, and your team will work within defined boundaries to ensure concentrated effectiveness to achieve specific or general campaign objectives.

Linking intelligent maps with smart surveys and delegating your team of volunteers for effective canvassing, you will definitely achieve the desired outcome and more.

The platform is iPad only and can be accessed freely by using your Apple iPad device. You may contact the Meradesh Team by filling the contact form page here. 

Happy Canvassing! 

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