Smart Surveys

The smart survey is a key feature in Meradesh Platform’s resource and community management ecosystem. Meradesh Platform’s initiative into building extensive and precise on-ground voter engagement gets essential course-correction guidelines from our smart survey feature.

Custom design surveys.  
                                                                                                                                               Custom design surveys

The feature does two things effectively-   

Capture constituent issues:
Campaign and engagement effectiveness depends on relevance. If the issue highlighted does not resonate with voters, then the candidate behind the issue tends to get ignored- pretty much a deal-breaker for electoral competition. To avoid this failure of the basics, the candidate can custom design the survey to assist issue identification and then put them to work to further the campaign and activity agenda.  

The candidate can use the intelligent map dashboard to identify voter groups and their POIs, build a survey from scratch and allocate the task of conducting the survey exercise via the volunteer management app –Moshpit. Finally, the survey response is displayed on the constituent map, providing the candidate with a street-by-street understanding of the voter’s moods and motivations.  

Varied types of questions. 
                                                                                                                                          Varied types of questions

Build voter community:
The smart survey tool is vital for building strong communities. Consider the positive impact of precise voter issue acknowledgement in campaign speeches, quick response to concerns raised and responsive communication strategy that empowers voters. Meradesh Platform smart survey tool is backed by our cloud-based data management architecture that provides on request an arsenal of machine learning tools to help you predict voter concerns and enable active engagement.

The smart survey tool will help you garner vital votes, but the benefit does not end here. It will present you as a leader who shares constituent’s concerns, values and most importantly as a problem solver- a key advantage during close contests. The survey feature was included to provide you with deep insights that enhance your electoral competitiveness. 

Smart survey alongside volunteer management and intelligent maps will provide your campaign the necessary boost and help you gain vital votes that at times mark the real difference between winning and losing.   

The Meradesh platform is iPad only and can be accessed freely by using your apple iPad device. You may contact the Meradesh Team for personalized services by filling the contact form page here. 

Good Luck!  

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