Meradesh Survey – It is a Question of Representation

There is this fact that we often forget, ‘our leaders represent us.’  

They represent our aspirations as much as they represent our ideology. They represent our internal divisiveness – casteism, communalism, greed, and at the same time our dreams- healthier environment, better education, and social wellbeing.  

Our opinion is reflected upon their actions.   

If we wish to raze, they would do it for us.  

If we wish to build, they would.   

They do what we ask them to do.   

But before that, they ask us, ‘What do we want?’  

Do we want accessible healthcare for senior citizens?   

Do we want creches for working mothers?  


Do we want our girls to not wear jeans?

It is a representative democracy, and they represent us.   


At Meradesh, our obligation is to rally behind the hallowed ideal of an informed (re)public.   

One of the ways we aim to do it is to understand pertinent issues, problems that we as citizens face each day – transportation, women safety, policing, primary healthcare, schools – the list is endless. We aim to cover it one question at a time.   


Meradesh Survey is a series of intelligent questions that seek public opinion on policies that improve the everyday lives of citizens.