A Thousand Feet on the Ground – Volunteer Management

Elections are won on the ground. They are won by your team of volunteers, community organizers, and the team banging on each door on the streets. Meradesh Platform is your force multiplier when it comes to effectively delegating your team.

Manage your team from the iPad-only Meradesh Platform. Connect with your team members using the Moshpit app available on both Apple and Android. Assign them the area, the tasks, and monitor performance by using real-time reporting and tamper-proof photos. 

By effective use of technology to delegate and manage your team, you will be able to reach more people, convey your ideas, build, and connect with your base at the same time. Volunteer management alongside smart surveys and intelligent maps would be of worthy service and give your campaign that extra fillip. Those elusive votes that sometimes make the real difference between winning and losing 

The Meradesh platform is iPad only and can be accessed freely by using your apple iPad device. You may contact the Meradesh Team for personalized services by filling the contact form page here. 

Good Luck! 

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