How to Win Elections 

We are not psephologists by any stretch of imagination, but it would be safe to say that we probably all are at the same time. India, after all, is nothing if not a billion cricket coaches and equal number of political scientists. 

Jokes aside we are deeply invested in the democratic foundation of India. As voters, citizens, progenitors of future citizens, but more importantly a team that has built some excellent software for efficient electioneering.  

What democracy demands is difficult 

Do not meet the enemy on the low ground. It is always about aspirations and not the hate that we carry for the other side. The easiest (and perhaps the most difficult) thing to do is to talk to voters who did not vote for you. You need to consistently meet with people who disagree with you and affirm their best values. 

Social Media Marketing makes for a lazy campaign 

Elections are won and lost on the ground. You may bombard the voter with as much information but truly works is the connect you establish when you meet and greet the voter on the streets. You win when the voter sees that you care for his and hers aspirations, dreams, and desires.  

Do not disrespect the voter

I will not go much into it, but this so happens that now we talk about North-South divide, gaumutra states, andhbhakt voters, and worse name calling. It does not matter when even the losing party had over 40% of votes.  

More often than not, it is an efficiency play and consistent winners are better organized and hit the streets more often and more effectively, and probably have better booth management. 

Most importantly do not call abuse the voter, call out names to the region, religion, or community. You will never get their votes.  

Talk to the voter

This is a huge logistical challenge, but not something that can be addressed with the aid of technology. Use data science and location intelligence to understand the gaps and number of required votes.  

Probabilistic processes lead to deterministic numbers, but it requires superior use of statistical techniques, psychometric analysis, and smart surveys.  

This Meradesh can help.