India; my nation adrift.

I personally feel that I embody India unlike many others. I have been raised by the country and not by my parents in real sense. Perhaps that is why I have built this deep connection with my motherland.

They say, orphans make the best patriots, look at James Bond, always willing to die to for the Queen. I am a father now, and perhaps not so willing to lay down my life.  Also, not willing to take life as well. 

India is a work in progress, it has always been. In fact all countries are, in some sense. But we have been ‘developing’ since the day I have learnt of the word and the context with regards to nation states.

So yeah, India is a work in progress. And I had always believed in her.

Even though over a longer horizon the arc of justice bends towards injustice. 

No one was responsible for 1984 massacre.

No one was responsible for 2002 riots. 

Salman Khan did not kill anyone. 

Amitabh Bachchan is an honest upright citizen.

Even this egregious display of communalistic fervour, but as time passes, we think it would not happen to us, to me. 

My daughter would be safe

My son would get modern education.

I would always get justice, delayed but eventually 

That we would be free to talk.  Free to speak  Free to express our opinions. Free to believe in any God or all Gods or no God or Godmen. 

Even though we have an irritant to the west, in Pakistan.  And a mighty China to the East. The greatest threat to an Indian is some other Indian.

The fear of the other Indian has grown and created rifts between us. 

Political divides have become social divides and religious divides.

So much so that our leaders are finding it wise and to their advantage to release rape convicts, and to grant them regular paroles. 

The hatred between us, had given them confidence. 

Embolden them to take our freedoms. 

Often times what we can eat.  Also when we can eat, or not eat a particular diet. 

India is nation adrift, as our might ship flounders with little too much death and decay.

On the horizon it might seem there is darkness and thunder.  But it is much simpler, it is war against the society by the state.