Assembly Constituency Watch: Sankheda


Sankheda assembly constituency is located in Chotta Udaipur district and consists of:  

Sankheda Taluka 

Nasvadi Taluka 

Nandod Taluka (Part) of Narmada District Village – Dhefa. 


Designated as a Scheduled Tribes Constituency. 

Voter Turnout 

Voter Turnout |Sankheda | Machine Dalal
Sankheda Electoral Turnout Rates

During the 2012 elections, the total number of electors was 234656 and the turnout stood at 73.79%, in real numbers- 173162 voters. 2017 witnessed a turnout decrease; out of the 253685 electors, 72.70% of voters exercised their constitutional rights. In real numbers though it was a reasonable jump-184422 voters.    

Representation and Results  

Voter Turnout |Sankheda | Machine Dalal
Sankheda Electoral Turnout Rates

2017’s assembly election winner, BJP’s Abhesinh Motibhai Tadvi gained a vote share of 49.16% and defeated INC’s Bhil Dhirubhai Chunilal whose vote share stood at 42.07%. The remaining candidate in the fray was BSP’s Kiritbhai Ranachhodbhai Tadavi with 1.39% vote share. 2.86% of votes were under NOTA.   

Voting History -2012 & 2017 

Voter’s Choice Over the Years | Sankheda |Meradesh
Sankheda Voter’s Choice Over the Years
Assembly Eleaction 2017 Winning Parties | Sankheda | Machine Dalal
District-Wise Electoral Results

In 2012, INC won the constituency and earned 80579 votes that decreased to 77581 votes in 2017 and as a result party suffered defeat in the constituency. On the other hand, BJP garnered 79127 votes in 2012 and 90669 votes to win in 2017. INC managed to gain victory in 2 seats while BJP went on to win the remaining 1 seat in the district of Chotta Udaipur in 2017 elections.  

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