Four Reasons Why Meradesh Platform Beats Every Custom Solution

We understand ‘Opportunity Cost’- the issue of limited resources—particularly limited time, money, or staff. The demand for running a campaign is massive. Having worked with political organizations in the past, we can make the case for why you should focus on the work you want to do rather than developing the ‘perfect’ custom software.  

Built for Civic Engagement Software-  

Literally speaking there are very few organizations out there with an equal grasp of both technology and politics. At Meradesh, from the very beginning, we have been building a team to match these unique pre-requisites. We seek professionals with deep and combined experience in the area of data science, software dev, politics, non-governmental organizations and government communication.   

Our driving principle is to streamline data and popular wisdom to make the best decisions; this includes advice and expertise from academics and strategists studying the principles of leadership, organizing, and community building.  

Bespoke Software Solutions are Expensive-  

Meradesh was formed on the conviction that everyone should have access to the tools necessary for connecting with voters, spreading democratic ideas and reinforcing the electoral process. Cost should not be a barrier to entering the democratic process. Our battle-tested and scalable platform is the antonym for expensive and time-consuming custom software development.   

Building software requires in addition to engineering resources, also requires product management, technical support, and data management—and you will also have to factor in employment taxes or benefits, necessary infrastructure like servers, domains, mailing, payment providers, database hosting, etc.   

We believe that financial, time and decision-making resources should be spent on actual voter engagement and campaigning.  

Bespoke Solutions- Question of Security and Performance-  

With over a decade’s experience in building top-of-the-line software for a variety of competitive industries including Adtech, Investment Banking and Retail Ai- we talk about security and performance with authority.   

Building world-class software takes time and even after launching a custom solution the work is not finished. Since continuous security upgrades, software improvements, and troubleshooting will always be needed- the work behind maintaining the software and providing technical support never stops.  

Additionally, having access to a team of engineers means you have 24-hour monitoring in place with the necessary expertise.    

The Software Evolves with You-   

New trends and laws will require your software to evolve with time. With the current data tech, this evolution can be at a break-neck speed.  We provide solutions to an array of industries, use cases and visions, so we are always learning and adapting in response to the needs of the hour.  This helps us to consistently innovate and bring in features anticipating need.  

We have an open API ecosystem that allows easy integration of the latest tech, something we can do for you too. With Meradesh, you will have both software and access to an innovation-centric company.   

We encourage you to focus on what you do best- building relationships with your voters and volunteers, and we’ll take care of the infrastructure.