Parliamentary Constituency Watch: Gandhinagar

Gujarat’s capital, Gandhinagar, is one of the 26 seats allocated to the State that elects a Lok Sabha MP. During the 2014 elections, the total number of electors were 17,33,972 and the turnout stood at 65.49%, in real numbers- 11,35495 voters. Voter engagement improved by 2019 which witnessed a turnout increase; out of the 18,74,564 electors, 68.50% of voters exercised their constitutional rights which convert to 12,84,090 voters.

 2019’s General Election winner, Amit Shah gained a vote share of 69.7% and defeated INC’s Dr. C. J Chavda whose vote share stood at 26.3%. The other two candidates in the fray were BSP’s Jayendra Karshanbhai Rathod (0.5%) and independent candidate Vora Alimahmad Rajabhai (0.7%).

In 2014, BJP earned 7,73,539 votes which increased to 8,94,624 votes in 2019. INC stood at a distant second with 2,90,418 votes in 2014 and 3,37,610 votes in 2019. BSP had no presence in 2014, and in 2019 it earned 6,400 votes.