UPA’s (INC+GFP) Goa Candidate List – An Analysis

Out of 40 seats, The India National Congress is contesting on 37 seats and Goa Forward Party, on the other hand, is contesting on the remaining 3 seats. Both the parties are in an alliance and fighting the 2022 Goa Legislative Assembly Election together. Here is what the United Progressive Alliance (INC+GFP) candidate list for the State reveals:  

UPA’s (The India National Congress+ Goa Forward Party) Goa Candidate list

Gender breakdown 

Out of 40 candidates in the list, 38 are male candidates and 2 are female candidates.  

Sitting MLAs 

Vijai Sardesai, who won the 2017 assembly election by a margin of 5.79% was given the ticket once again. Similarly, Digambar Kamat won the 2017 election with a margin range of 18.67% was also given the ticket to the upcoming election.  

1st Runner Ups 

4 candidates who lost the 2017 assembly election with a margin range 0.81% to 29.98% were also given the tickets to the upcoming election.  

Lota Candidates 

Overall, there are 16 candidates- 14 male and 2 female, who switched their allegiances to UPA. They include 6 BJP candidates, 2 AAP candidates, 4 independent candidates, and 4 candidates from other parties.  

New Candidates 

The UPA (INC+GFP) introduced 18 new (first- time) male candidates to the candidate list.  

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