Punjab – Position Wise Performance of INC in Last 3 Assembly Elections

In 2012, INC held 1st position in 46 constituencies, 2nd position in 61 constituencies and came at 3rd position in 10 constituencies. In 2017, it came to power by claiming 77 constituencies, while holding 2nd and 3rd position in 29 and 11 constituencies respectively.

Shifting Position of INC
Shifting Position of INC

In 2022, it was at 1st position in 18 seats, at 2nd position in 47 seats, at 3rd in 47 seats and came 4th in 5 constituencies.

INC posted a dismal performance in the recently concluded assembly election in the state but managed to emerge as the main opposition party. It will need to weigh up its options and revisit its strategy accordingly for a better outing in the next elections.

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