Punjab – AC Segment-Wise Lok Sabha Results

In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, in terms of vote share, INC came as the dominating party in 65 assembly constituencies whereas BJP and SAD managed to dominate 10 and 42 constituencies respectively. The 2014 elections saw INC dominating 37 seats, SAD in 29 seats, BJP in 16 seats and the new entrant in the fray AAP in 33 seats.

Lok Sabha Results AC Segments Wise
Lok Sabha Results AC Segments Wise

In 2019, INC increased the number of constituencies where it dominated to 69 whereas SAD and BJP managed to dominate in 23 and 12 constituencies respectively. AAP’s dominance was reduced to 7 constituencies.

There was a decreasing trend in SAD’s dominated assembly constituencies since the 2009 general elections. However, the party still remained substantially ahead of other rival parties except for INC and will aim to turn things around for the better in the next elections.

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