Punjab – Overall Vote Share of Parties in Last 3 Assembly Elections

In the 2012 elections, INC got 40.09% of vote share, 38.50% in 2017 which decreased to 22.98% of vote share in 2022. SAD got 34.73% of vote share in 2012 which decreased to 25.24% of vote share and 2022 elections it decreased to 18.38%. AAP contested assembly elections for the first time in 2017 and received 23.72% of vote share whereas the 2022 elections saw the party gaining a maximum vote share of 42.01%. BJP received 7.18% of vote share in 2012, 5.39% in 2017 and 6.60% in 2022.

Vote Share Trends - Meradesh
Vote Share Trends

Although the vote share of SAD had declined in the last two elections, the party still has a significant voter base in the state. And the party will be pulling out all stops in its efforts to consolidate its support base and better its prospects for the next state elections.

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