Odisha – Winning Margin of Parties in 2019

In the 2019 Odisha elections, BJD’s average winning margin stood at 12.8%, whereas for BJP and INC it was 5.53% and 3.76% respectively. Like every election, the 2019 elections also bore witness to wafer-thin as well as landslide victories. For instance, 4 winners won with a margin of less than 1% and 2 winners who were both from BJD won with more than 40% of the margin. BJD’s winning margin in 55 seats was under 10% and for BJP, out of its total winning seats, in 19 constituencies its victory margin remained under 10%. The thinning of margin in BJD’s victories in the 2019 elections has provided opposition parties, especially the BJP, with the opportunity to gain more ground in the state.

Winning-Margin of Parties in 2019
Winning Margin of Parties in 2019

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