Odisha – Lok Sabha Trends in AC Segment

In terms of vote share, BJD dominated 97 constituencies in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections whereas INC and BJP managed to dominate 32 and 12 constituencies respectively. The remaining 6 constituencies were dominated by both CPI and NCP.

The Lok Sabha elections in 2014 saw BJD dominating 116 constituencies, BJP in 20 and INC in 11 constituencies.

Lok Sabha Trends: AC Segment Wise
Lok Sabha Trends: AC Segment Wise

The trend significantly changed in 2019 where although BJD remained dominating in 88 constituencies it was BJP that gained the most by dominating 52 constituencies. INC dominated in 7 constituencies.

BJP made major headways in the 2019 elections and will be looking to further ramp up its efforts to extend its overall dominance in Odisha in the next general elections.

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