Odisha – Common Trending constituencies in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha Elections

Out of 147 assembly constituencies, there were 72 in which the party that won in assembly elections had the upper hand in Lok Sabha elections as well. In 2009, 63 constituencies won by BJD in assembly elections also saw it in dominated position in Lok Sabha elections. In the same way, INC saw the same trend in 7 seats and BJP in 2 seats. In 2014, there were 64 seats for BJD with this common trend, 6 seats for INC and 2 seats for BJP. The 2019 elections saw a decrease in BJD’s number of seats to 58, INC reduced to 1 seat and BJP managed to increase its tally of common trending seats to 13 seats.

Common Trending Constituencies
Common Trending Constituencies

BJP increased its number of seats in both assembly and parliamentary elections in 2019 and will be aiming to further strengthen its position for better outings in the next general as well as assembly elections.

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