Gujarat Assembly Elections – Seats Won by BJP and INC from 2002 to 2017

In the 2002 assembly elections, BJP won 127 constituencies whereas INC secured 51 seats. In 2007, BJP came victorious in 117 constituencies while INC managed to win in 59 constituencies.

BJP vs INC - Seats Won Since 2002
BJP vs INC – Seats Won Since 2002

In 2012, BJP triumphed in 115 constituencies in contrast to INC which achieve success in 61 seats. The 2017 elections saw a close contest between both parties where BJP got 99 seats whilst INC added 77 seats to its tally.

Since 1995 Gujarat remained in saffron hands winning election after election. However, recent elections, especially since 2002, saw a constant decline in BJP’s seats as opposed to INC which manage to increase its seats in the same period. With upcoming elections slated to be in December 2022, it would be interesting to see which party comes atop especially with AAP jumping into the fray.

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