Learn about your Constituency with Meradesh.org

A Simple Intuitive Mobile app to access Electoral Data

The next cycle of the great Indian Elections. A celebration of our vibrant democracy.

Some citizens are joyous, and some are despondent. And soon they will get a chance to exercise their franchise, to select their overlords. These chieftains who will build high castles around them with public funds, always the public funds. 

Some of us have been here before. They have seen emergencies of the past. A few who were beaten black and blue by the police under the British rule might still be alive; deploring that the ass whooping wasn’t worth it. 

But the past always seem better and the future seldom feels bright. 

And, for one, do not ascribe to those feelings. 

I believe in doing what I can, where I am, with what I have, and our team at Hashbrown Systems, have painstakingly collected, collated, cleaned, and verified electoral data and have added incumbent information to it. 

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All of this is freely available on the meradesh.org app that may be downloaded at google play store and apple app store.