All the Pieces Matter

Who is your audience, varies from one organization to another?  

As Prime Minister Jim Hacker succinctly puts it, 

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 & If the shoe fits, it is not much different from a shoe manufacturer looking for buyers for his footwear.   

Or, elections for that matter. As a candidate, you must find people who are willing to buy what you have to offer and convince them that you are a better product than your esteemed opponent.   

You could be looking for growth, revenue, profitability, popularity, or notoriety for that matter. It could be a product, a service, or an idea that you wish people to engage with.   

 An individual is smart, an individual makes an intelligent decision. Collectively, people on the other hand look for convenience and accept what they like to hear. And your job is to gratify and offer them what shall find acceptance. Concurrently your job is to form a meaningful connection with your consumers.  

 As you would discover in the days to come that Meradesh is a lot of things to lots of people and amongst those things, it is a platform that connects your organization to your community in a meaningful, nuanced manner. It is also a platform that lets you own the process, but we will come to that later.   

What is not Meradesh?   

Meradesh is not a substitute for your digital presence, neither we compete with, nor do we work with major tech platforms. The idea is to provide ownership of the process as well as unfettered access to data.   

 We help you build user experience and meaningful connections by using first-party data and not by renting users from Facebook, Google, or Amazon. Additionally, we are geospatial specialists and help you with the physical presence and not the digital presence of your consumer, voter, or reader.   

So, what is Meradesh?

Simply put, Meradesh is a data engineering platform that lets you consume data in the form of APIs.  Now data is always in flux and is fuzzy, subjective, complicated, and for the most part incomprehensible – to the reader and in most cases to subject matter experts themselves. The reliability of our process ensures that the platform works seamlessly with the experts and helps the experts employ their expertise.   

And, for that data needs to have integrity and reliability, and if sourced from unreliable sources, it becomes unreliable.   

But Meradesh is not just a huge repository of data; it is more than a massive yet structured data lake. It is an island of knowledge.  Where APIs enable discussions and communications.  They help people within your organization make intelligent decisions; that require time, research and effort for analysis, exploration, and discovery.   

Far from the world of infinite growth  

Meradesh resides in the tangible. The sky might be the limit when it comes to valuation and market size but if you think about it, you shall notice that the total number of literate people in a geographical area cannot exceed the total number of people who can read and write. 

Meradesh is specific.  

Facebook, Google and Twitter would let you target all the Telugu people speaking population of the whole world, but if you were to look for Telugu speaking population of Tamil Nadu, this is what Meradesh would offer – 

Meradesh TamilNadu

or Punjabi speaking population of Haryana.

world of infinite growth meradesh

You could not only chalk it out, but you may also utilize your organization’s assets to act upon it. We push the envelope on how public data is collected, collated, and put to use for public consumption.  We aim to set standards – not only for accuracy but also for how the data can be made effective for your user, team of experts as well as non-seasoned professionals in your organization.   

Why Meradesh?    

Why build Meradesh in the first place?   

Before we talk about the product, the platform, and the benefits it confers upon your organization; why build it in the first place.   

One, Lack of Ownership  

Platforms do outrageous things – kick off technological partners, ban Donald Trump, change the rules of engagement, do not share data and ownership about your customer, behavior, patterns. There are myriad examples of arbitrary decisions by large tech platforms that directly affect the bottom line.   

We are not talking about politically sensitive stuff; we are simply talking about changes in data and privacy policies that undermine years of work and investment.   

You as a media organization, as a business, or as political action committee have neither sufficient control over the data nor the process.   

The serious stuff about strategic dependencies   

Two, Cost Economics   

What does the cost of semiconductors, solar panels, genome sequencing, and batteries have in common with the cost to get a kilogram into space?   

All of that has gotten cheaper over time. Now you must add building your tech platform into that list. This is the right time to not only build the technology that you need but also own it.  

Going forward we would discuss the features, benefits, the platform, create reports for your viewing pleasure, publish books to enhance your knowledge, and help you build engagements with your key audience.   

Meradesh is a confluence of ideas, visualizations, structured data, on-demand regenerative models, and most importantly freedom and capacity to employ it across your organization.   

As a founder (God, I hate that word), better yet, as a progenitor of Meradesh, it gives me immense joy to see it unfold. The domain was registered in 2008 and there were many false starts and failed attempts, between the crawl and the walk, there were many staggering falls. I could quote authors of yore to put things into perspective but if we are able to live up to the promise of this idea that we behold, to quote the redoubtable Lester Freamon, ‘Baby, I could die happy.’ 

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