Why Close Horse Race Candidates & Meradesh is a Winning Combination

‘Horse race’, a term that is considered trifle by political observers- is in our understanding one of the most prominent assets creating aspect of the electoral processes. As a data engineering platform deeply invested in the dynamics of elections and its ability to shape society and vice-versa, a pattern that requires serious study is the way close horse races in any electoral competition define the possibilities of the next election.   

It’s just a good strategy to identify close runners-up or any candidate who loses by a microscopic margin. Supplement these candidates with a strong data-driven approach and the probability of a data-confident political action committee (PAC) gaining victory substantially increases.  A collaboration between close race runners up &  Meradesh are effective for many reasons.  

  • Intelligent Media Engagement: A candidate must alert potential supporters of his or her existing strength. This task can be fulfilled by creating data-driven narratives and intelligent media engagement. Potential voters will join a bandwagon that can project its existing strength in number.
  • Calculated Insights: Our data analytics team can compute your past electoral history to identify key voter cohorts, generate talking points, and build actionable voter engagement strategies. For previous participants of a close race, Meradesh provides a competitive edge. 
  • Finger on the Pulse: At Meradesh, we complement our data analytics team’s significant statistical models with intelligent surveys that will help you understand voter sentiments and motives. The insights learned through this hybrid approach allow for successful micro-targeting. 
  • Targeted Volunteer Mobilisation: Informed volunteers can engage with persuadable voters and allocation of necessary on-ground activities in underperforming zones within the constituency will help the PAC.  

This is in brief our conviction of what it takes for a close- runner up allied with Meradesh Platform to win. A data-driven strategy allows the creation of a new organizational culture of turning data into actionable insights vital for transformational decisions. This new culture creates new results.