Meradesh Platform: To Make the World a Better Place

Why does the World need the new Meradesh Platform 

Democracy with its limitations and potential stands for a promise of transparency in protecting and promoting civil rights and liberties. Meradesh Platform is designed to reinforce this promise.   

Our work with candidates and articulate citizens in the past provoked us to think about the role tech in strengthening democracy. The need we learned was to encourage campaign communication along the line of directly benefiting citizens.  

We built Meradesh around two vital community building tech: location intelligence and survey-fuelled data analytics.  

With location intelligence, representatives will find both voter engagement and volunteer management rewarding and impactful- the goal being to enhance representative-citizen engagement.  

Our survey and public data-fuelled data analytics feature adds a layer of nuance and detailed understanding to community concerns. Something, most aspiring politicians pointed out is necessary, yet missing.   

Through these meaningful engagements, Meradesh Platform invites constituents and representatives to deliberate over what matters to both of them, issues that are mutually beneficial.  

We look forward to witnessing the fruits of an impactful connection backed by intelligent tech between representatives and citizens.