Punjab – Constituencies INC lost in 2022 After Winning Consecutive Terms

There were in total 25 seats where INC remained the winner in the last two elections prior to the 2022 assembly elections. It came in 2nd position in 13 constituencies, 3rd in 9 and 4th in 3 constituencies. AAP managed to secure 23 seats while 1 seat each was won by BSP and IND.

Margine INC Meradesh
Margine INC

Despite witnessing an increase in its winning margin in 18 seats in the 2017 elections, INC lost nearly all seats with huge margins in 2022. In 17 seats its losing margin was more than 15%.

Vote Share INC- Meradesh
Vote Share INC

In terms of vote share, most of the seats were already witnessing a decline since the 2012 elections.

INC has considerable challenges that need to be overcome. And to surmount them it has to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the current situation and implement a well-rounded strategy that aligns with its objective to have any chance at its revival in the next elections.

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