Lucknow between the lines

What do the numbers portend?

Lucknow is more fascinating than we know. Truly.  

For those who have not experienced the city has to offer in terms of culture, food, history, and architecture, there is a charming world out there.  And as the political scenario heats up, let’s look at how the voting preferences have been stacked up, over the years.  

Winners of Lucknow Over the years
                                  Winning parties of Lucknow over the last four major elections

We are looking at the last four major elections and it seems BJP has been dominating and have consolidated. We are not psephologists, and till one joins Meradesh.Org, we shall let the numbers do the talking. 

A closer look at the vote %age of Lucknow's major parties
                                                      A closer look at the vote %age of Lucknow’s major parties

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Happy Voting!