Parliamentary Constituency Watch: Aonla

Aonla is a Lok Sabha / Parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh and is located in Central India. It is designated as a general constituency.     

In 2009, out of a total of 13,09,597 electors, 7,04,908 voters cast their ballots. Of the 7,31,255 male electors, 4,26,944 participated in the election, constituting a turnout rate of 58%. Additionally, 5,78,342 female electors were present, with a turnout rate of 48%, amounting to 2,77,964 voters. 

Gender-Wise Voter Turnout
Gender-Wise Voter Turnout

In 2014, there are 16,53,577 persons who are eligible to vote and 9,95,641 of them chose to exercise their right to vote. Out of these, 9,17,060 were male electors and 7,36,517 were female electors. 62% of male electors (5,72,792) and 57% of female electors (4,22,849) cast their ballots. 

The total count of electors in 2019 was 17,85,605, of which 10,50493 chose to cast their ballot in the parliamentary elections. Out of 9,77,335 male electors, only 59% voted which is 5,80,835 male voters in real numbers. On the other hand, the voter turnout for females stood at 58% which translates to 4,69,654 voters out of a total of 8,08,183 female electors in real number.    

In 2017, transgender people were included as a separate category of the third gender in electoral rolls. There were 87 electors belonging to the third gender category in the parliamentary constituency during the 2019 elections. And 4 of them exercised their newly granted constitutional right to vote and thus their turnout stood at 5%.     

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