Assembly Constituency Watch: Polasara


Polasara assembly constituency is located in Ganjam district and consists of:  

Polasara, Buguda, Polasara block and Buguda block. 


Designated as a General Constituency. 

Voter Turnout 

Voter Turnout |Polasara | Machine Dalal
Polasara Electoral Turnout Rates

During the 2014 elections, the total number of electors was 213780 and the turnout stood at 64.92%, in real numbers- 138794 voters. 2019 witnessed a turnout increase; out of the 238569 electors, 66.28% of voters exercised their constitutional rights. In real numbers, it was a reasonable jump-158124 voters.    

Representation and Results  

Voter Turnaout | Polasara | Machine Dalal
Polasara Electoral Turnout Rates

2019’s assembly election winner, BJD’s Srikanta Sahu gained a vote share of 50.90% and defeated BJP’s Gokula Nanda Mallik whose vote share stood at 42.80%. The remaining candidates in the fray were INC’s Hari Charan Swain with 2.20% of vote share and BSP’s Kailash Chandra Patro with 1.50 % vote share.  

Voting History -2014 & 2019 

Voter’s Choice Over the Years | Polasara |Meradesh
Polasara Voter’s Choice Over the Years
Voter’s Choice Over the Years | Polasara | Meradesh
District-Wise Electoral Results

In 2014, BJD won the constituency and earned 66766 votes and 80463 votes in 2019. On the other hand, INC garnered 45549 votes in 2014 and 3493 votes in 2019 while BJP received 18467 votes in 2014 and 67724 votes in 2019. BSP got 2305 votes in the 2019 elections. BJD dominated the district of Ganjam in 2019 by winning 12 seats while INC secured 1 seat. 

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