Assembly Constituency Watch: Morbi


Morbi assembly constituency is located in Morbi district and consists of:  

Maliya-Miyana Taluka 

Morbi Taluka (Part) Villages – Sokhda, Bahadurgadh, Nava Nagdavas, Piludi, Rapar, Aniyari, Jetpar, Vaghpar, Juna Nagdavas, Gungan, Gala, Sapar, Jasmatgadh, Chakampar, Zinkiyali, Jivapar Chakampar, Kerala, Haripar, Nava Sadulka, Ravapar Nadi, Juna Sadulka, Bela Rangpar, Rangpar, Sanala (Talaviya), Timbdi, Dharampur, Amreli, Mahendranagar, Madhapar, Bhadiyad, Morbi (M), Trajpar 


Designated as a General Constituency. 

Voter Turnout 

Voter Turnout |Morbi | Machine Dalal
Morbi Electoral Turnout Rates

During the 2012 elections, the total number of electors was 219462 and the constituency recorded 73.44%polling, in real numbers- 161183 voters. 2017 witnessed a turnout decrease; out of the 256015 electors, 72.11 % of voters chose to cast their vote. In real numbers though it was a reasonable jump-184616 voters.    

Representation and Results  

Morbi Electoral Turnout Rates
Morbi Electoral Turnout Rates

2017’s assembly election winner, Brijesh Merja gained a vote share of 48.42% and defeated Amrutiya Kantilal Shivlal whose vote share stood at 46.57%. The remaining candidate in the fray was independent candidate Sukhabhai Dayabhai Kumbharavadiya with 0.75% vote share. 1.66% of votes were under NOTA.   

Voting History -2012 & 2017 

Voter’s Choice Over the Years | Morbi |Meradesh
Morbi Voter’s Choice Over the Years
Assembly Election 2017 Winning Parties | Morbi | Machine Dalal
District-Wise Electoral Results

In 2012, BJP won the constituency and earned 77386 votes that increased to 85977 votes in 2017 but despite the increased votes, the party failed to reclaim the seat. On the other hand, INC garnered 74626 votes in 2012 and increased its count to 89396 votes to register a victory in 2017. Overall, INC marked its dominance in the district of Morbi in 2017 elections by winning all 3 seats. 

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