Assembly Constituency Watch: Anklav

During the 2012 elections, the total number of electors were 1,79,414 and the turnout stood at 78.57%, in real numbers- 1,40,957 voters. 2017 witnessed a turnout decrease; out of the 2,04,407 electors, 76.38% of voters exercised their constitutional rights which convert to 1,56,136 voters.   

2017’s assembly election winner, INC’s Amit Chavda gained a vote share of 58.03% and defeated BJP’s Hansakuvarba Janaksinh whose vote share stood at 36.49%. The remaining candidate in the fray was BSP’s Prakashbhai Parmar with 0.69% vote share. 2.49% votes were under NOTA. 

In 2012, INC won the constituency and earned 81,575 votes which increased to 90,603 votes in 2017. BJP garnered 51,256 votes in 2012 and 56974 votes in 2017. BSP earned 1775 votes in 2012, and 1071 in 2017. 

In the district of Anand, INC emerged dominant by winning 5 seats with 71.4% votes and BJP came second with 28.6% votes and 2 seats.